Wednesday, 28 March 2012

worth it ke?


semalam ak msg ngan my dearest fren.seyesly lma x dgr cter dy.
then, tba2 dy mx pndngn ak 4 her problem..
erm, problem dy dgn sumone else, junior kmi..pompuan gak le..
oke, ak cter ckit kt korang wat actually happen..
cm ny, kwn ak ny syg gler kt junior kmi ny..
diorg mmg rpat thap cipan r!
tp, sbnrnye...junior kmi ny just prlukn kwn ak tyme dy ssh je..
siti (bkn nma sbnr) ang jgn lar ikut je ckp dak 2, worth it ke dgn pe yg ang dh wt tuk dy?
oke, my opinion!

diz is my message to my fren,,
' ak ase she just need u 4 da tyme being. i mean tyme dy ssh, but u really love her.
so, watever she'd been done 2 u, ang x kn smpai ati nk mrh, da cnclusion is u
absolutely can't 4get her n lost contct with her..she'll find u when she's need a supporter..
so, u always be there 4 her 2 solve her problem..fullstop! i hope dat u'll think properly dear, 
i know dat u love ur ******* but u must think dat is it worth it? 
wat u have been done 4 her n now? worth it ke?
i told u my opinion coz i love u my dearest fren!'

so, korang agree ngan ak x? x worth it kn kalo kwn ak ny still bek nan dak 2 wlaupun ati kwn ak skit..
p/s: jgn menyakiti ati org len krn satu ari nnt kite akn ase perasaan 2! when da tyme being!

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