Thursday, 12 April 2012

ntah Larh


actually lately ny ak slalu termenung. eh, termenung doesn't mean that i think bout the nonsense things or bnda yg ngarut2 oke? ak slalu trpikir about my future. pas ny nk further study mne, everything that i'd done before is it accepted by ALLAH? , i'm scared if i can't accept the advises from people around me , i'm just a normal human that live in this world 2 achieve my dream n make my family proud of me. thats all!

sometimes, i'm scared to face my future life. i think that i'm not ready to become a mature girl.haha before ny, my daily life pegi kolah, stdy n ready 4 exam. so, now? arrgghhhh....kna pkir mcm2..blaja di u xsma nan kolah oke? so scared but xcited gak!

ish, x larat speaking larh..haha speak in malay pon comey gak kn? haha gediks siot!

ak harap ak xkn terikut2 ngan pengaruh kwn2 yg kurang baik sbb dugaan yg akn dtg besar nnt..kakak2 n abg2 ak byk pngalaman.alhamdulillah, diorang x de mslh pon. so, mira filla don't be a coward girl! you can do it larh. firstly, remember ALLAH always beside us and proud to be a muslim.. ^^ ;p

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